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    Hi !

    Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a huge cliff, in front of the sea, on a clear and sunny day. A beautiful albatross soars in the sky, a few dozen meters above you, surfing on the gentle marine breeze. You now take a deep breath and try to relax. Your instinct is desperately preventing you from doing what you're about to do. You decide to ignore it and, just like that majestic bird above you, you finally take off.

    Our project allows you to truly live this experience.
    We'll make you fly, high above the ground, freely, right next to that beautiful albatross. Envol.io et Envol.io - Speed App are two apps that work together and make you fly like a bird!


    Connect your iOS device to your Parrot drone, put your virtual reality glasses on, launch our apps, and off you go!

    Projet Envol
    Projet Envol - Speed App
  • Fly like a bird

    To live this unsettling experience, it takes a few ingredients.

    A Parrot Bepop Drone

    We told you it'd be about birds

    Our system is compatible with the Parrot Bepops 1 & 2, available here : http://www.parrot.com/products/bebop-drone/

    The drone's great-angle camera and its stability make for an easy and intuitive piloting experience.

    A Virtual Reality Headset

    Not quite virtual though

    Sold by many different brands at a cheap price, on Amazon for example. We used this one for our tests, and it gives an excellent immersion feeling : https://www.amazon.fr/ELEGIANT-Affichage-virtuelle-immersive-Compatible/dp/B015HA755U


    Two iOS devices

    The head and the wings

    This might seem restrictive but hey, you don't get to fly by yourself that often right?


    The first device is used as a screen (placed in the headset), and the other as a controller for taking off/landing and adjusting the speed. The two devices communicate via Bluetooth.

  • Sneak peeks

    Here are a few shots of the test flights that we did on our campus.

    Explanatory video

    Even better in real life.

    This video explains in detail the intuitive piloting experience that we created for you to experience.

    Test flights on our campus

    Piloting interface

    Here's a screenshot taken during one of our test flights on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique, in front of the students' apartments.

    The world-famous "Yvette Valley"

    Piloting interface

    You can spot this true wonder of nature just behind the trees.

    You've never seen yourself like this.

    Piloting interface

    Here's what you look like when you fly like a bird.

  • About us

    Seven friends who worked together to make you fly

    A student project

    It always starts at school, right? ​

    This project is part of our academic curriculum : at Polytechnique, second-year students all have to complete, in teams, a scientific mission.

    A united flock

    Hippolyte, Victor, Tanguy, Joseph, Félix, Pierre, Paul

    We're a team of seven friends, and we began this adventure almost a year ago. Each member has his own specificity within the project, which we all stived to bring to life successfully.

  • Acknowledgments

    We'd like to thank all the people who helped make this project a reality.

    Our Ulule contributors

    They helped us hatch

    Without them, we wouldn't have been able to buy the equipment we needed and Envol.io would never have come to life. Here's a link to our campaign https://fr.ulule.com/projet-envol/


    They showed us the sky

    Thanks to their advices, we dared to aim high. We'd also like to thank our tutors, M. Vezien and M. Bureau, for their precious help.

    The "Créathèque" & Parrot

    Ils nous ont propulsé

    Le fablab La Créathèque nous a donné de précieux conseils techniques qui nous ont permis de progresser. Ils nous ont mis en contact avec Parrot qui nous a fourni du matériel de rechange, grâce auquel nous avons pu maintenir en vie notre drone d'essai. La Créathèque nous a aussi permis d'exposer notre application au salon Maker Faire à Paris, le samedi 30 avril 2016.

    Basile Protat

    He drew us.

    We owe our cool logo to this great dude.

  • Ideas

    In order to constantly improve what we offer you, we'd like to ask you a few questions.

  • Cuicui ?

    We'd love to have your opinion, so feel free to contact us! We'll regularly update our apps, taking into account your suggestions and feedback.